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Do it yourself  Prepping and Personal protection

Dont let the Company name fool you. This page is to share any prepper ideas that may be helpful to others.

Gillett Natural Soaps

Make your own ethanol with this still that screws onto a 55 gal barrel. or other. 
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Also learn how to convert your car to burn ethanol

Ethanol FeedstocksAlmost any plant-based material can be an ethanol feedstock. All plants contain sugars, and these sugars can be fermented to make ethanol in a process called biochemical conversion. Plant material also can be converted to ethanol using heat and chemicals in a process called thermochemical conversion. See Ethanol Production to learn more about these processes. Some plants are easier to process into ethanol than others. Some require few resources to grow, while others need intensive care. Some are used for food as well as fuel, while others are cultivated exclusively for ethanol; even plant-based wastes can become ethanol. Climate and soil type determine the types and amounts of plants that can be grown in different geographic areas. Another important consideration is feedstock logisticsthe steps necessary to move feedstocks from fields or collection areas to ethanol production plants. For agricultural and forestry feedstocks, these steps include harvesting, transportation, storage, and preprocessing. Choose from the links below to learn more about ethanol feedstocks. Starch- and Sugar-Based Ethanol Feedstocks Cellulosic Ethanol Feedstocks Ethanol Feedstock Resources Ethanol Feedstock R&D Ethanol Feedstock Logistics Printable Version

Now on the lighter side if its Ethanol you want then see my page (Ethanol/Stills)  scroll down and you can see the simple science of making your own Ethanol. I post here a free recipe.  More recipes and ethanol stills can be found here. Also get your free federal permit to make 10,000 gal per year and have the government pay you to make it (for fuel). PLUS You pay no excise Tax.




10 lbs. Whole kernel corn, untreated

5 Gallons Water

1 Cup Yeast, champagne yeast starter




Put corn in a burlap bag and wet with warm water. Place bag in a warm dark

place and keep moist for about ten days. When the sprouts are about a 1/4" long

the corn is ready for the next step. Wash the corn in a tub of water, rubbing

the sprouts and roots off.. Throw the sprouts and roots away and transfer the

corn into your primary fermenter. With a pole or another hard object mash the

corn, make sure all kernels are cracked. Next add 5 gallons of boiling water

and when the mash cools add yeast. Seal fermenter and vent with a water sealed

vent. Fermentation will take 7-10 days. When fermentation is done, pour into

still filtering through a pillow case to remove all solids.


Glycerine uses... brought to you by Journey to Forever

Growing Sunflower for seed oil courtesy Missouris Jefferson Institute (Click Text)


Our Proud Partners in Veteran Leadership

                          What is cellulosic Ethanol
    It may just be our Countries future and it is based on wood scraps, grass,(not that kind) Rice straws, corn stubble and the list goes on and on please click this link to read more.

While we are asking serious questions, Ask these. 1. Why When the Market price for Methanol is currently $1.06 gal do we have to pay 5 to 10 times that much to get our methanol for home products? . (Click this Link to learn about Methanol)

Planet Bio Diesel (Click here) but please return go here to get invaluable Do it yourself and technical information.....must read

Click this link to see all the Arkansas biodiesel forums and make comments

The Diesel Engine

Vegetable oil conversions

Arkansas Bio-Fuels Enterprises LLC

my 77americanized veggie burner

2 inch water pump with 4 HP DIESEL motor
Other sizes available, call us

Sales of Oil Presses * Engine Conversion Kits *one or two tank systems * Auxiliary Components .* Diesel Engines from 4hp up. Diesel Water pumps 2,3 and 4" available.
Customer Service to include free information. Education Material . Chemicals,supplies and oils or seeds locator . If I dont have it I will find it for you, no finders fee.
Call: 870-830-6567  Fax: 870-663-0031

8.8 HP watercooled Diesel with (crank start)
This engine is plenty to run 2 ton oil press, High Torque

Hazardous Materials Waiver form in .pdf

Arkansas Bio-Fuels Enterprises is A 100% Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small  Business  We Support the Veterans Benefit Act of 2003

Thank You


Hazardous Material Waiver form in pdf

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Gift ideas for Veggie Burners


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