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Ethanol from Sugarbeets, sweet potatoes,my project
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My project is still in the developmental stage. It is the simplest way to make your own business or just to make your own ethanol fuel.
3 Charles 803 ethanol reflux still  Parts can be bought at McMaster Carr    (75% Complete)
4. approved distillers permit. (Awaiting completion of still)
5 1954 Ford mainline ford converted to run on E-85 ethanol or E100
   (Waiting for the homemade fuel, uses E-85 for Now)
  I intend to provide free of charge all the details needed to make it easy for anyone with very limited cash to be able to easily make their own fuel for next to nothing.
  Our National defense and Civil Liberties require that men of ability share knowledge that will once more make us a Nation of excellence .

Yes easy growing sugarbeets are used to make molasses or granulated sugar, It is cheaper and easier to make ethanol with, even better than corn. You use a simple yeast fermentation process . You then run it one pass through a Charles 803 reflux still. All the parts needed can be bought at McMaster Carr. The distillers permit is free and allows you to make up to 10,000 gallons of Ethanol. Older cars are easy to convert to use this ethanol, just advance timing and regulate the old needle valve. what could be easier.  I am always happy to share this info. but dont take my word for it google search some of these terms.  I will put links to the best out there as time permits.

Sweet Potatoes grown in Arkansas is another cheap and plentiful source for making into ethanol. click this link to see what UAPB is doing with Sweet Potatoes.

Sweet Potato Ethanol. Sweet!

                                       potato ethanol USDAIn experiments conducted by the USDA's Agricultural Research Service (ARS), sweet potatoes grown in Maryland and Alabama yielded two to three times as much carbohydrate for fuel ethanol production as field corn grown in those states.

The sweet potato carbohydrate yields approached the lower limits of those produced by sugarcane, the highest-yielding ethanol crop.

For the sweet potatoes, carbohydrate production was 4,692 tons an acre in Alabama and 6,353 tons an acre in Maryland.

The disadvantages to sweet potato are higher start-up costs, particularly because of increased labor at planting and harvesting times. Further studies are needed to get data on inputs of fertilizer, water, pesticides and estimates of energy efficiency.

Overall, the data indicate it would be worthwhile to start pilot programs to study growing cassava and sweet potato for ethanol, especially on marginal lands.

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