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Beat Arkansas Cigarette tax fines. Grow your Own Tobacco
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Arkansas is now unfairly singling out smokers to penalize with taxes. This at the same time those booze swigging politicians are  letting us lose jobs. . Heres a link to a good reputable tobacco seed company with a lot of how toos for growing your own.  Mine are planted. 
After exploring this link please back space to

My personal Tobacco crop is being grown just outside Stuttgart Arkansas. The 2012 crop is doing well after starting and spending the extreme heat and drought in my greenhouse. I am now growing a swcond fall crop. I have plenty of tobacco to use in my pipe and it is smooth. The plants produce enough seed pods that i have enough seeds already to plant thousands of plants, They will go in my preppers kit for barter. the seeds are durable but smaller than the point of a pin.
   Let me know if any of you local folks would like some seeds.  The best part of growing your own tobacco is that it is virtually free.