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Being from the most empoverished region of the United States I offer the following advice.
Grow vegetables and fruits on every inch of land you have available.
Buy food canning supplies and learn to can your foods.
We cant depend on a Socialist Congress or President to feed our families.
Hire and buy AMERICAN.  Help your neighbors. 


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Arkansas Certified Organic Locations


EZ- MLS for farm land sales Presented by The Jacobs Company Stuttgart, Arkansas (Click to go).

As Arkansas Farmers see needs to use their Renewable assets for the fuel demands of this country, so will they see a demand to home grown vegetables.
 With the thousands of acres of set aside land why is there little use in the form of large truck patches (Gardens)?
  On this page I will be doing all I can to promote this. I will also post your lands for sale lease or rent. I will give gardening tips and I will certainly find canning and recipe tips to help. I appreciate any, I repeat, any help in this matter and will give full credit to anyone who has an idea for submission or a recipe.
Have you been reading of the "Legacy set aside lands "? They are where the Government is setting aside large tracts of land as a socalled legacy. We have them in Arkansas.
  This land is another means to regulate hunting and sportsmens gun usage. This land will never return fully to private or public use. It is however in step with the green peoples, tree huggin and save the earth scheme that is behind the bigger picture of a one world ordered socialist Nation. kumbayahh.

Grow your Own