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We are the Geographic Center of the Best Agricultural production of the USA. Why are we the very poorest Congressional district in the USA?

Census bureau says of Gillett Ark, 
Gillett Ar. U.S.A.
Per capita income 17,247 16,904 21,587
White 17,624 18,420 23,918
Black or African American 15,820 10,582 14,437
Native American 0 14,559 12,893
Asian 0 16,494 21,823
Native Hawaiian and Pacific islander 0 8,267 15,054
Some other race 0 8,808 10,813
Two or more races 6,533 11,608 13,405
Hispanic or Latino 171,475 9,521 12,111
Sources: U.S. Census Bureau, 2000 Census; ePodunk
The Census Bureau also reports the Hispanic population making the largest share by far at 3. This is pretty darn good for a town that doesnt even have a clinic, law firm or even a decent Hotel to stay in.

Gillett Arkansas

Arkansas Post

Gillett in the Civil War

I am returning home to Gillett this Winter to Live out my retirement years. I however am not content to sit and rock the years away. I have lived a life begun in Gillett in 1955 through high school then a full career in the US Navy (Vietnam and Desert Storm Veteran) and then worldwide in every continent as a field service engineer. I now am in a position to question the way Gillett has progressed in the 50+ years I have known her. Or should I say not progressed? I will first challenge our economic status , the folks who keep us empoverished and the ways that we as a small town community can be an example of growth in the future.
  I want to make one point up front. Why doesn't the town qualify for Delta Regional Assistance? Why doesnt the richest State politician who is also from Gillett Invest his money into our towns specific needs.  I want to know why we do not have a 4 H program of our own. I have a degree in workforce education development and training. I will say now that if I cant get our School district (Dewitt) to open up the shop building and provide this service along with FFA I will teach it for free.   I dont stand by idle garbage that never ends in a positive resolution for our Children.