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  February 26, 2009   
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Pay back time on the presses

The payback time calculated on the most popular crop, on a ton of soybeans is the oil yield is slightly over 33 of oil (approximate. one gallon per bushel) and figuring (As Example) $3.70 for a gallon of off-road fuel the total gain is $122.10. The meal is today's market is a wash in price between raw soybeans to meal per ton. So the net gain minus the oil to run two 6 ton presses per hour, 3 gallons per ton. The net gain 30 gallons at $3.70 is $111.00 divided $130.00 (two six ton presses power by a PTO unit) 117 ton of soybeans or (7,020 bushels) to net and the presses are paid for.

Options in buying for soybeans

Walder Mfg is considered the "guru's" of soybeans for your needs from novelist to commercial production soybean pressing. Walder MFG found that double pressing soybeans is the most efficient way for 3 reasons.

  1. More oil yield per bushel from 3/4 gallon to slightly over a gallon.
  2. Higher temperature on meal creating 47% by-pass protein on average just out of the second press.
  3. The capability of the machine triples over single pressing.

Another reason to consider is the seed coming in and meal leaves process for livestock in one operation as well as side by side double pressing is compact and easy to adjust because everything is chest height.

Walder Mfg sells serviced and ready to use individual oil presses for all size farms to commercial applications.

 Thank you for visiting Walder Mfg web page for more information on the oil press system. Walder Mfg sells a small scale processing plant for oil crops that farmers or individual entrepreneurs can purchase. The presses use a mechanical or physical process of separating the oil rather than a chemical process. The presses work with the oil seed going into the hopper, a horizontal extruding screw presses the seed creating extreme pressure and heat to expel oil through the front bars and cake rings. The cake or high quality meal exits the press through an adjustable taper which the thickness of the cake determines the pressure and heat in the press.

Rudolf diesel invented the diesel motor to run on vegetable oil thinking a farmer could be self sufficient on energy. It wasn't until the high cost of diesel fuel and the need for clean burning diesel that BIO-DIESEL became popular again.

Why to buy from Walder Mfg, and not over the internet.

Most of the vendors on the internet don't use the presses and they can rate the presses at a higher capacity and the buyer thinks it's a great deal when in reality you paid way to much.

Why to buy from Walder Mfg — the answer is simple —" they work" after we spend 8 to 10 hours servicing and tweaking for your operational needs so the press performs at its optimum oil yield and longevity.

One of the biggest reasons is our technical support with your purchase you have access to all our knowledge on running these presses for years. (We don't want to forget parts.)

We don't just sell presses we use them so every press is in working order and set up for the crop you wish to press and the custom built machines are run before they leave our shop.

Why own oil presses

Farmers traditionally set aside 10% of their land to feed the horses. Now days, if a farmer would set aside 10% of their land for an oil crop, they would produce enough oil and protein to supply most livestock operations. For example, an acre of canola yields 40 bushels. From 40 bushels you will make 2000 pounds of meal and 90 gallons of oil, not to mention 3 large round bales of straw and the ability to double crop, even in Wisconsin. The net gain is $560.00 per acre, which would equal corn at $4.00 a bushel without the ability to double crop.

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